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Monday, January 05, 2009

Catching Up

Well it was a busy season. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I’m not sure I sat down. We went to South Dakota for Christmas and my sister’s beautiful wedding. Shortly after that we came home so I could have a birthday present of surgery. That is a REALLY short summary of our lives lately. I’ll go into more details later when I’m feeling more up to everything. Tomorrow I’m going to try going back to work and see how that goes and then take things from there. Here are a few pictures of Autumn to keep everyone happy. She has found that there is a game on the internet that she loves to play, her “fish” game. She’ll point to the computer and say “fish” and hope that you’ll turn it on for her. If you have little ones you should check out All they have to do is press any key and things happen. Of course it’s best if you can limit them to the space and enter keys so they don’t open up windows and other things. Also before our trip to SD we went to Kurt’s cousins’ house and made cookies. I only got a couple of pictures but Autumn had a blast. She helped roll the dough out and was so enthusiastic that it all rolled up around the rolling pin before I could even blink. Then Sandy and I turned our heads for 2 seconds and she managed to dump out ALL the snowflake candy toppings onto one cookie! She was trying to eat them faster than I could put them back into their little jar. It was lots of fun. Autumn is an expert at picking up the little scraps of dough, though she needs to work on her aim a bit, they tend to go into her mouth not back into the bowl. :) Then again, mayber her aim is just right. She had fun putting the cutters on the dough and putting sprinkles and other decorations on the cookies.

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