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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Bit about Christmas

Christmas was a fun time. Autumn got to know her Aunt Jen and Uncle Tom and cousin Isaac well. She remembers them better now to, she likes to look at their pictures. She also had a good time with her Aunt Jane and new Uncle David. Autumn got a playhouse that fits in her bedroom doorway. She loves to play in her "hoose". She pushes the door bell and while it plays a sounds she also sings "dindon" and then says "min!" Unfortunately mommy can't bend over to get through the door yet. Daddy's shoulders barely fit through but he did manage it. She loves this thing, it was a perfect find and I am thrilled that she loves it. Autumn was the flower girl in her Aunt Jane's wedding. She did a great job and didn't disrupt the ceremony at all. We were all proud of her. Her grandmother and mom made the dress. It was a combined effort to get it done by the wedding. Grandma wrestled with the dratted zipper for more than an hour but we were all in our "cinsess" dresses for the big day. My Aunt June entertained the couple of children before the wedding began with sunday school songs that I wasn't familiar with. Believe me I know them now, Autumn wants to sing the He He song all the time. And enjoys dancing to one about building a house on the sandy land.

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