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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Visit to Osakis

We went to see grandparents for Dallas' birthday a couple of weekends ago. Everyone was there at least part of the time. Autumn and Becca had fun playing together. Autumn also got a litte braver where Josie is concerned. She did a bit of crying and laughing while haning onto mommy for dear life. Later she was on the floor when Josie came around the corner and she laid very still and held her breath while Josie snuffled her and walked on her. It was funny. Afterwards she giggled and came to hug my legs as if to say "see, mommy, I was brave". The weather was beautiful so we played outside quite a bit.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Holy Cow!!!!!

Ya'll will never believe what I saw! I couldn't believe what I saw, I also couldn't believe I had my camera handy! I was driving down a road that goes through a nature preserve and along side the Minnesota river behind our apartment complex. It's a road I usually enjoy driving in all weather beause it's so senic and peaceful. This time, however, I was in a bit of a hurry because I was coming back from observing a student at his daycare way up in another suburb about 45 minutes north of Farmington. I was a bit frustrated by the driver in front of me who had slowed down to a crawl. I saw her sticking her head out of her window and couldn't figure out what she was looking at. Well then I passed the spot and saw 2 bald eagles! I've never even seen one outside of a zoo and here were two sitting in the trees as calm as you please. I pulled over and got out and they just sat there, so I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple of shots. I was totally overcome. It reall was amazing to see them sitting in the trees. I know, I know they are birds that are making a comeback and it is more and more common to see them but still......... Anyway, thought I'd finally share these since its been probably a month or so since I took the pictures.

Monday, May 05, 2008

My Wiggly Guitar

See, I like to play the guitar just like Daddy, but if you ask me, mine is much cooler. It makes funny noises and sings. Of course Daddy's sounds funny when I drop things into the hole, isn't that what holes are for, to put things into?

I Touched a Shark

Ok, it wasn't really a shark they were sleeping, Shhhhhh! But I touched a manta ray. They are soft and leathery. In the pictures you can see me playign in the water and when the ray swam by mommy's hair got in the way but you can see my hand. I giggled and splashed. I like going to see the fisssss.

Autumn had a blast at the aquarium, she did play lots in the water and everytime we saw a fish (which as you can imagine, was about every second or so) she would point and squeal and say "fisss" She loved the tunnel where you stand on a moving sidewalk and the fish swim over your head, I thought her head might fall off backwards.

See the octopus? I'm not scared, but it's WAY bigger than me! Shhhhh, I'm sneaking up from behind to tickle it!

Spikey Hat

Autumn's friends daddy was in Indonesia for almost a month visiting family and friends (he's originally from there). He brought her back a hat that has her name on it. She likes to wear it and to play with it. She thinks it's funny when her own daddy wears it.

Reading Nook

We set up Autumn's travel bed as a 'reading nook' and she spends lots of time in there cuddled up with Pooh reading outloud to us.

Piano Princess

Here are a few pictures of Autumn playing the piano and a clip too.