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Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Morning

Here are some snippets of Christmas Morning. There isn't much as Autumn was still recovering. She started out with a little pink-eye and moved into the heavy hitters pretty quickly. After 4 days of a high fever we went in (for a second time) and discovered that on top of a sinus infection and a double ear infection what she really had was Fifth Disease. But now she is all better and her usual miscevious self. Enjoy...

Uses for a Cat Bed

There are many uses for a cat's bed:

  1. A cat can sleep in it
  2. You can keep toys in it
  3. You can use it as a collection receptacle
  4. You can try to sleep in it yourself...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Frosty Trees

Today the trees were covered with 'ice crystals' as the weather man called them. They were all beautiful. I do like winter, it can be so pretty. But does it really have to be so dang COLD?!?! So I took these pictures to share with you because it reminded me that even the most miserable parts of God's creation can be beautiful. Some were taken when I was driving out to home-visits. As you can see it started off pretty foggy but the sun soon burned off the fog and eventually the frost.

First Steps

Here is the first time Autumn has taken steps while holding onto our hands. Usually when you stand her up and hold her hands she just plops down on her bum or knees but this time she walked from the couch all the way to the Christmas tree. Uh-oh, we may be in for more trouble.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Is this not the look of someone planning all sorts of mischief? Don't let her cute angelic face and temperment fool you, she is TROUBLE! And we love every minute of it.

Friday, December 07, 2007

108th Was a Victory!!!

Navy beat Army 34-3 at the 108th meeting of these two amazing rivals. It was a bit sad for those Black Knight seniors but I was thrilled with the Midshimpen and their game. There were some amazing drives and recoveries, I was trying to watch the game and get ready for a 1st birthday party all at the same time. Not my first recommendation really. We are ahead but not by much. Actually we've been enjoying a winning streak since 2002, it's bound to end sometime, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. My best friend, however, is not. She's an Army brat but I don't hold that against her, and she doesn't hold my Navy brat status against me. It's a pleasant little stalemate we have going.

Here's some interesting history trivia:

A reputed incident between a Rear Admiral and a Brigadier General, which nearly led to a duel after the 1893 Navy victory, caused President Cleveland to call a Cabinet meeting in late February 1894. When the meeting ended, Secretary of the Navy Hillary A. Herbert, and Secretary of War, Daniel S. Lamont, issued general orders to their respective Academies stating that teams would be allowed to visit Annapolis and West Point to conduct football games, but the Army and Navy football teams were "prohibited in engaging in games elsewhere." The result was that the Army/Navy game was suspended for the next five years. The annual series would not resume until 1899, when it was played in a neutral locale, Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

No game was played between Army and Navy in 1909 when Army cancelled its entire schedule after the death of Cadet Eugene Byrne in the game against Harvard. Navy would also suffer the loss of a Midshipman during the 1909 season, when quarterback and all around athlete, Earl Wilson, sustained a broken neck in the contest with Villanova and died six months later

After the United States entered World War I, the War Department ordered the Army/Navy game suspended for the duration resulting in no games between the Academies in 1917 and 1918.

The final interruption of the series lasted for two seasons, when failure to reach an agreement on player eligibility for the 1928 and 1929 games forced their cancellation. An equitable agreement reached by the two institutions resumed play in 1930, and the annual contest has been uninterrupted since that date.

At the moment Navy is enjoying the longset winning streak on record, there have been a few 5 game streaks on both sides but neither has broken that until now.

Army-Navy Game Scores 1890-2007
Games played: 108 Army Wins: 49 Navy Wins: 52 Ties: 7

Go Navy! Beat Army!

The Last of Them

We have dozens more but I'm not going to post them all, that's a bit of overkill I think. Autumn had a great time and really loved all the kids who came to her house. The orange bear from her birth mom is named Autumn too, she really likes it alot as you can see. The great big puppy is from her cousin and was also a huge hit (no pun intended). You are very lucky that this dog is housebroken Becca or you'd have to come over and clean up after it alot. :) I'm glad we only have to do that once a year though, Whewh!!!! I just have to remember not to plan it on Game Day (Army/Navy for those uneducated folks out there). That was a bit much for me.

More Pictures

For some reason this program is having fits so I'm doing smaller posts rather than one with many pictures. Even servers get to have off weeks I guess. :)

Party Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Autumn's party. I want to post a short video clip of her eating her cake but I have to figure out how to get it off my camera first. I used a different one and we are having a few techical difficulties with it. Gotta love technology! :P

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Getting Ready

The hat didn't last very long but at least she left it on long enough for some pictures.

Blowing Out the Candle

Autumn wasn't too sure about the cake and the candle, especially since everytime she tried to 'catch' the flame it would be moved away or blown out. She didn't like that. She didn't like it the week before either when we had a candle in the pumpkin pie when her Petersen Grandparents were visiting. The little cake was a banana, since that is what Curious George likes to eat the most. A friend of mine made the two cakes. Thanks Carrie!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kooky Cat

And now for something completely different........

When Nero gets a taste of the cool (actually downright freezing) air he gets a bit frisky. He is usually such a staid very regal personality but get him out in the snow and watch out!

Eating the Cake

Here are the pictures of Autumn eating her cake. She was so funny about it. We put it in front of her and she inched her hand towards it while looking at us to see what we'd say. Then she patted it a couple times while looking at us to see our reactions. Then she leaned towards it with her tongue out while looking at us to see if we'd tell her no or something. Then licked it, you get the picture. She finally face planted it the cake and had a ball. She also enjoyed the ice cream.
I know they are a bit small but that's so I can get them all in. If you put your mouse on the one you want to see better and click it, the picture will open in a new window much bigger.