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Monday, July 21, 2008

Storm Damage

We went hiking after a huge storm and came upon a fallen tree or two. Here is one that we lifted the stroller over to keep going. The path was very clear after this tree so we kept going for a ways.

Autumn had fun pushing her stroller but as we weren't really ready to move on from the spot we had stopped at I locked one of the wheels. You see the results. She put 3 tenths of a mile on the stroller while we were looking at some more storm damage.

BIG Tree

Last year at Thanksgiving we took some pictures in a huge tree for our Christmas card, this spring we went back to the same tree to take a few more. There was a big storm right before we went and parts of the tree broke off. this thing is almost completely hollow inside and yet it has green leaves growing from it. Autumn had a blast climbing it or trying to anyway.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Petersen Grandparents

Here is a cute picture of the two cousins and their doting and spoiling grandparents.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We went to pick strawberries with Kurt's cousins. It was more or less a search and rescue mission as Marc put it. The fields weren't well picked and there were so many rotting red berries that we just wanted to cry but I managed to get about 5 quarts so I'm happy. Autumn helped clean them, and taste tested a couple as well. (I love teeth marks in my food)

4th of July

Here are a few pictures from our visit to SD over the 4th of July. We stayed with my parents and my sister and her fiance were there as well. On the 4th we went to my brother's home about 45 minutes away for a cookout and then for fireworks later that night. While at my brother's we played in the water and played croquet and ladder ball. The visit was very good and it was really nice to have absolutely everyone together. In this first one Autumn is searching for grandma who went inside to get a surprise.

Autumn loves to play with the camera and in the water. She had fun with Mac who let her try to pick him up. She liked the 'surprise' or wheelbarrow but needed help to push it. And she had fun wandering with her bucket to put things in.

Well it is called ladder golf isn't it? Autumn enjoyed climbing the ladder. So maybe before she wins her nobel prize she'll be a gymnast in the olympics.
Here is our little secretary taking dictation for 'Papa'

Autumn had a blast playing in Isaac's pool and with Aunt Jen's hose. Isaac wasn't so sure about that big girl who laughed and squealed in his face and PLAYED WITH HIS TOYS!!!!

Autumn joined in the game of croquet, we need to work on her aim a bit but I think she can hold her own in Glen Lake croquet. (for those of you not in the know this was Pine Lake croquet that got its name changed. This is not your ordinary game of croquet, it is an obstacle course that challenges your skill and desire to win at all costs. Also it challenges your immunity to poision ivy!)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Pool

Ok, I know I just posted a whole bunch of stuff but I had the time and the access so you get droughts and floods for the summer. Anyway, we bought a little pool for Autumn to play in because water is one of her favorite things! She invited her friends over to christen the pool and they all had lots of fun getting in and out and sliding down and doing it all over and over and over.

New Table

Autumn really likes to play with Daddy's tools. She "helped" put her big girl bed together and now she got to "help" put our new table together and take the old one apart.


We went to a graduation open house for Kurt's triplet cousins. Autumn had a good time playing with Becca. The backyard at this house was one huge hill and Autumn and Becca ran up and down and up and down and up and...well you get the idea. Becca pooped out long before Autumn did, and then all the adults took turns chasing her down the hill following the peals of laughter.

Daily Fun

Autumn is a very busy little girl, she can't seem to keep her feet on the floor, she likes to climb anything she can find hand and footholds on. She is also working on jumping and adding many many words to her vocabulary. She likes to help in the kitchen and is a good cookie dough taster. She helped stir the dough and then put then on the tray, tasting every other one before she did so. She loves to play her guitar with daddy and to play with his tools. She also likes to color and can't decide if crayons taste good or not so she keeps going back for another taste.