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Monday, April 16, 2007

Strange Sightings

Here are a few pictures of things we've seen on our travels. Sorry, no cute pictures of Autumn this time, they are still on the camera. But these are fun and wierd.

This barn used to smile at us everytime we went to South Dakota. Now we take a different road and he doesn't brighten our day anymore.

These guys are really neat and we found them when taking a back road between Hutchinson and Litchfield. They are made out of scrap metal and car parts and motorcycle parts and any other parts the guy could think of. Is this what awaits a retired farmer?

So if you make wierd creatures as a retired farmer, I guess when you retire from owning a bowling alley you re-decorate your house and yard.
More fun travel pictures later, when we find wierd and unusual things to photograph. With the travels this summer, there ought to be something out there...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Visit

We went to Kansas City to visit with the Crosby side of the family. Autumn was the youngest there but by next week she won't have that distinction any more. There will be 8 great grandkids by the end of April. Grandpa is loving all of it! He has pictures of all the great grandkids all over his house. There are some of the grandkids and kids too but you can tell who the new stars are! Of course he probably doesn't have any more pictures than his kids do of the grandkids. :)

Above is the dress that I (Erica) wore my first Easter. Obviously I was a bit bigger than Autumn is as I had to roll the sleeves about 3 times!

I like to play superbaby and Grandpa didn't tire of the game. Great Grandpas are really lots of fun!

Baby sneezes are cute but no matter the age the face leading into a sneeze is teh same!

Grandpa and I held hands alot. Even at church. We went to church with him and I was the youngest one there! Mommy was worried that I'd get shanghied but she held on tight. I slept through the Halleluiah Chorus.

I am the official chair inspector. This one has neat textures and doesn't taste to bad. Mommy says the skirt is a bit grimy but I'm a baby, I'm supposed to put yucky things in my mouth!

Grandpa was helping me figure out this rolling over thing but I just can't get my arm out of the way!

Here I am just hanging out while all the big people talk.

An Elephant Sat On Me!

Help! An elephant sat on me!

Monday, April 09, 2007


It's final! YAY! We got there and paid some final fees for paperwork. Then we sat around waiting for the judge to be ready for us. A friend of mine from work came with us to take pictures and also recorded it on a DVD for us. The judge asked us some questions, looked through our file from the agency and then decreed that Autumn is ours. It took a bit longer to get started so I had to feed Autumn and we walked in there while she was still eating. She burped when he banged his gavel. So it was official on two fronts! And she did not spit up on the judges robes. Good girl.