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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We have been waiting for 2 weeks to see Buddy the Dinosaur from Dinosaur Train at the Mall of America. It was a lot of build up of anticipation for a couple of minutes of thrilling hugs and dancing with Buddy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowasarus Rex

We had our first snow over Veteran's Day weekend. It was heavy and wet (Autumn and Kurt came in soaking) and perfect to build snowmen. First Autumn and Kurt trekked all around the yard putting the last few yard pieces away for the winter (we got caught a bit unawares). Then they built a snowman. The next day we added a snowasarus rex and a little bitty snow kitty.

Toy Room Painted and New Hair

Tried a new hair accent this weekend. I read about it on my list and thought I'd give it a go. Autumn loves it, I need to do a bit of tweaking next time but I like it too. This time I used a variegated yarn but a solid color might look better, don't know until I try.

We got the toy room painted (and by we I mean a friend and I) with a bit of help from Autumn.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fun video clips

Here's the pumpkin soup video plus one about her new favorite (this week anyway) movie. Anything to get dirty and slimy, that's my girl!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Autumn had the best time going Trick-or-Treating with her friend Bella. Shortly after we started Bella wasn't feeling well so she went home and we kept going. They were a good team though, because Bella is a bit shy and Autumn is definitely NOT! :) From the moment we stepped outside Autumn was bouncing around like she'd already eaten half a pumpkin full of sugar. She was just so darn excited. Every person we met she said "Happy Halloween". I'm not sure she walked the whole way around the block. As soon as a door opened she shouted "trick treats" or "happy Halloween" or "please" or some combination of those words. She loved all the costumes especially the ghosts and vampires. She was so polite and said "kee-koo" most times. I worked hard to curtail the immediate grab and stuff when the door opened, and then we'd get to a house where they said "help yourself sweetie" ARUGH! Ah, well, it's a learning process. She had to keep saying "no, I BatMAN" when they'd ask, "are you batgirl?". I had a fun time making the costume, even though it gave me fits in places. I really had a great time watching her share her excitement and joy of the moment with everyone she met. What a loving and joyful child she is.

Carving the pumpkin was a great adventure. There are two jobs, the carver and the supervisor/pulp destroyer. When she was very little we'd strip Autumn down to her diaper and let her sit on the table and play with the pulp. She still likes to do that as you can see below.
Ok, couldn't get the video to load, I'll try it tonight.