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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making Pizza

Saturday Autumn and I made pizza for supper. Autumn is a fabulous dough kneader, she especially likes to punch punch punch the dough.

After the dough "grew" and we punched it down and it "grew" again we spread it on the pan and then added toppings. She's very artistic about it (I made the line of circle meat) and if a mushroom was too close to another mushroom she'd pick one up and move it till it had a good spot.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bunch of Clowns

Here are some pictures of the clowns at Grandma and Grandpa Triebenbach's 50th Anniversary celebration

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


 Cute cousins! We went to Osakis for my in-laws 50th anniversary and Autumn had a wonderful time playing with her cousin and regaling her grandparents with numerous stories.

 Autumn was practicing her texting skills on her cousin's phone. Unfortunately I think she's a natural!

 Grandpa and his girls!

Birthdays, Cats, and Dinosaurs.....oh my

 For Kurt's birthday we had some friends over to eat Chili, Potato soup, Egg Drop soup, and watch the Timberwolves on TV. Autumn was very excited about the whole thing, especially the cake.
Autumn and Nero get along sometimes, other times he merely tolerates her. This time though, he was more than willing to let her cuddle.

 This was taken at the zoo. 

 Here is my paleontologist. She got these fossil dinos from her cousin for Christmas and I finally hit on the brilliant idea of putting black beans in a tub and letting her "dig" for them. It's her new favorite thing to do while I'm cooking.