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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

Isn't it funny how little kids think they are helping when they are doing very much the opposite? (well ok, it's not usually funny at the time but later it is). Autumn was "helping" me with the laundry. I washed a load of about 7 bath and hand towels. I was talking to Kurt while folding laundry and after I finally realized that I'd folded probably about a dozen or more towels I watched to see what was happening. As I folded a towel and put it on the stack Autumn was very industriously unfolding them and putting them back in the basket. When I let her know I was onto her game she laughed and laughed, she laughed so hard that she fell down. Well I finally got the towels folded and put away so she started to fill my basket with placemats from the drawer. What you don't see in the video clip is that when she finally got the drawer emptied she climbed inside. She is very into "in" and climbs into anything she can manage to get into, which causes a whole new set of problems. :) Later I tried to put the placemats back in the drawer and she took them out as fast as I put them back in. We played this game for almost 20 minutes without her getting the least bit frustrated with me. Of all the toys we've got for her, the laundry is one of her favorites!

Flower Girl?

At the wedding we were at this past weekend there were two very cute little flower girls. At the reception another little girl was dropping flower petals behind her while walking around and Autumn went behind her picking them up and then dropping them again. One of Kurt's relatives gave us some petals to take home for Autumn to play with (they were silk petals). So Autumn has been having fun filling her bowl and then dropping the petals out. She also likes to stand or sit while mom and dad drop petals on her head like a rain shower. She giggles and laughs and gets all excited and askes for more. She also likes to throw them up in the air herself. What a little imp!

Family Wedding

We went to the wedding of one of Kurt's cousins this past weekend in St Cloud. There was a lot of going back and forth as to whether or not we were even going to make it as it was snowing and very windy. Yes you read that right, SNOWING!!!!! Some parts of Minnesota got upwards of 2 feet. We just had powdered sugar coating our lawn. But when we got up to St Cloud there was a good 6 inches on the ground. Unbelievable! We had a nice spring weekend, how is everyone else's winter going?

I digress, Autumn had lots of fun dancing with her grandma and the other little girls that were there.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I believe the shirt says it all!

Visit from Amanda

Amanda came to visit and she and Autumn had a great time playing with our new barn. Autumn really enjoys the growling cow and roaring horse, the hissing pig and the tool bench that makes sawing and hammering noises.

Finger Food

Autum went to a friend's birthday party. She really enjoyed the cake and ice cream. She also enjoyed going up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs. By the time her friend opened presents she was tired and could be found hiding in a small cupboard.

Did you know that cottage cheese and applesauce are finger foods?

Friday, April 04, 2008

Playing Outside

Favorite Aunt Jane gave me a slide to bring home. I really like to play on it but right after Daddy put it up it snowed! That was ok because I like to play in the snow too but really, snow? I also like to play with cars, they are lots of fun and go down the slide well, so do balls for that matter. This door is hard to get through, Mommy put stools up for me but I don't use them, this is much more fun.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meeting Sadie

My Uncle and Aunt have a dog named Sadie. Autumn's only experience with dogs so far has been her Aunt Kelly's dog Josie. Josie is a puppy and a smaller dog than Sadie. Autumn isn't crazy about jumpy dogs but Sadie just layed on the floor until Autumn was comfortable enough to touch her. My (erica) Aunt Nan is on the left in these pictures and my mom is on the right. My sister Jane is in one of them too.

Entertaining Washing Machine

We had to do a load of laundry while down in Kansas City. My Aunt has a front loading washer and dryer and they are stacked with the washer on the bottom. The washing machine had a convex window in the door. Autumn thought it was the neatest thing!

April Fool

Here are pictures of Mother Nature's April Fool joke on us here in MN!