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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Campaign Dinner

Last night Kurt and I went to a campaign dinner for Jerry Willenburg who is running for mayor of Burnsville. I know, I know you are thinking to yourself, "they don't live in Burnsville". You are right, we don't, but we do go to church with Jerry and thought it would be good to support him anyway and we do know people who live in Burnsville. If I did live there I would definately vote for this man, he really knows how to think outside the box and Burnsville is really stuck in a very deep rut. Anyway we were asked to walk in a parade over Labor Day with his family so we are going to do that, it should be fun. Here is his website: if you live in Burnsville or know people who do you should really check out this site and here and see what Jerry has to say. There are pictures and a video and his stand on all the major issues that are affecting Burnsville. I was impressed with his speech and with the way he answered the questions thrown at him. And above all I was impressed with his willingness to say "I don't really know the answer to that but I do know the questions to ask and who to ask them of". He is not afraid to say he doesn't have all the answers but is willing to find them!!!!! Now this is the kind of politician I would absolutely vote for!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are We Recharged Yet?

Here we are recharging our batteries.

We looked under the dock, read lots and lots and lots of books, had picnics inside and outside, and worked in Great Grandpa's garden.

Autumn helped "Papa" fix a chair in great grandpa's shop. She loved using the hammer. She also apparently set booby traps around the shop by setting out all the petosky stones all over the floor. Papa made her pick them all up, she wasn't happy but she did it.
Autumn also helped Grandma weave, she sat on the treddles to make them go down.

We climed the Sleeping Bear Dunes, played in the lake, went for a paddle boat ride and cooked.

Recharging the Batteries

This is the place we recharge our batteries, you should be able to see why. I really did narrow these down to just a few but it was very hard to pick so there are still a lot so I'm posting them small. If you want to see them bigger then just click on the picture you want and it will open much bigger.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Views of Our Trip

On our way to Michigan we stopped and looked at a few trains (Grandpa is a train buff) and got wiggles out on nature paths. When we stopped in Laona the steam engine was just coming into the station that was really fun and Autumn got to blow the whistle.

It seems to be a tradition in our family for the grandkids to be enamored of the grandpa's hats. So Autumn is carrying on the tradition of wearing Grandpa's hat whenever she can manage to snag it. (please note the correct words on this hat--it is spelled Navy NOT Army)

Autumn is such a good helper.

Going to Michigan

We went to Michigan a couple of weeks ago here are a couple of video clips of Autumn putting her toes and other parts of her body in Lake Michigan for the first time. We went with my (Erica's) parents to my grandparents cabin up in the fingernail of the pinky (if you know about Michigan then that makes sense to you, if you don't know about Michigan then look at a map and it should be clearer).

New Place

Mommy didn't want to organize the bathroom so I could take a bath so I got to take one in the sink, that was fun! Also mommy borrowed a swing and I got to play with that. It is fun to swing in the kitchen while mommy makes supper. Did you see my baby? She likes to go for walks outside in her new stroller.

We Moved

We moved, I'm not going to post lots of pictures of boxes because no one wants to see the disaster zone we live in, trust me. But I thought these were cute, Autumn really loves to "help" especially when it comes to using tools. So she and Kurt put our bed together and she had a blast. We have one of those sleep number beds so if it looks really odd that's why.

What number are you?


Here are the (paci)fire twins. They trade them back and forth and share them like best friends should. Now if they'd just share their toys like they share their germs both of us mom's would be much less stressed.