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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alphabet Soup

Would you like some alphabet soup? Autumn makes a good one. She uses only the best magnetic leapfrog letters and some chicken broth.....or maybe it was sheep, though it could have been duck.... stir 10 times then hop around the kitchen befor stiring 5 more times. It is very very tasty.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dinosaurs for Christmas

Since we were delayed in our departure for the South Dakota grandparents due to SD being snowed in and cut off we went to see the dinosaur exhibit at the Children's Museum. Some of the dinos are animatronic and make noises. Autumn walked right up to the giant T-Rex and said "I not scared of you!" We picked a good day, it was fairly empty there which made it easy for Autumn to do and see all that she wanted to without having to do a lot of waiting. She can name most of the dinosaurs we see in books and toys and such, and if she can't I hear "whats this one?"

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dinosaur Princess

Here is the dinosaur princess.

Autumn got this dinosaur "pack pack" from her friend Judah and wears it everywhere. It unzips completely to be a playmat and inside it is stuffed to the top guessed it.......dinosaurs! Funny how she loves cars and dinosaurs and spiderman but also can't go very long without wearing a "cincess" dress. I love the complete incongruity of my daughter!

2 Birthdays

Autumn had 2 birthdays this year, at least that's how she saw it. She had a party around Thanksgiving with family and then another party the weekend after that with friends. (and for the first time since she was born the Army/Navy game wasn't the weekend after her birthday so I didn't have to figure out how to mesh those two things). She had a dinosaur party, there were dinosaur candles on her cake, dinosaur plates to eat on, dinosaur cups to drink out of, dinosaur pictures to make with stickers, and so many dinosaur presents! Now I know you are asking yourself.....I wonder if she likes dinosaurs.......

Oh yes, and how could I forget the frosting that turned everyone's tongue blue!
Autumn had an ice cream cake with a giant "Resky" on it, she was very very excited. Her cousin Isaac was here as well as Rebecca and other assorted family members. 2 Grandmas and 2 Grandpas, it was all very exciting!! She got two very large stuffed dinosaurs that I made, they were much easier to put together than I
first envisioned. Though if I ever do them again I will definitely stuff them much firmer! Resky has been the co-star in many dancing/singing shows put on by Autumn lately. :)

At Thanksgiving my parents brought up this enormous squash that Autumn decided was her baby. Grandma and Autumn drew a face and toes and fingers on it and Autumn carried it around and fed it and rocked it and played with it.......then we cut it up while she was napping and ate it at dinner......we never did tell her what happened to her "baby"!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We went to 'Aunt' Sandy's and 'Uncle' Marc's house to make cookies. They are Kurt's cousin and her husband but we call them aunt and uncle. Autumn helped a bit but then had too much fun playing with the dog and trying to get it to listen to her. We made about 20 dozen cookies and had a grand time

Autumn konked out after a busy afternoon of playing with the dog and making cookies.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yoga Master

Well, she's not exactly a master but she's on her way. We have Wii Fit that Kurt and I (try to) do daily. Some days Autumn does it with us, she's getting pretty good at the yoga and the running games. This is Autumn working on the tree pose. (yes that's my foot she's hanging onto, she needs help balancing but refuses to hold a hand, this worked) When we are in SD after Christmas I'll try to update some more of this, I've gotten a bit behind. Actually someone told me yesterday that Dec is almost over?!?!? I'm still back in week one I think........