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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To the Zoo

The MN zoo has a new permanent exhibit called Russia's Grizzley Coast. There are 3 grizzly bears, 3 sea otters (or is it 4 I can't remember), 3 Armur leopards (who have yet to be spotted, no pun intended) and a family of wild boars along with the odd salmon and trout and gysers and steam spouts and bubbling pools of mud. Autumn loves seeing the bears and the otters. We've been a few times now and last Friday Autumn and I went with Amanda and then she and I went again on Sunday with Daddy for Father's Day. The zoo also re-did their central plaza and put in a water play area with water spouts that go up and then dissapear and then go up again (kind of like gysers I guess). Autumn thought that was the best part! Here are a few pictures of Autumn's escapades. And the movie is so cute but I didn't realize it would be laying on it's side, so, sorry about that. I can't figure out how to rotate it. And I know the pictures are smaller but if you click on a specific picture then you can open it up bigger to see better and save it to your computer if you want to.

1st Night

Here are pictures of her first night and falling on the floor and her first nap in her big girl bed. She really does like it. It went much easier than I thought it would. The first night was a little rough but easier than I was expecting. Kurt read to her as usual but she insisted on sitting in the bed to read, now she sits in his lap in the chair again. I laid in the bed with her for a while and she snuggled her little face into my shoulder. Then I moved into the chair beside the bed and she held my hand and then when she was almost asleep I left. We have been very lucky that she is easy to put the bed and always has been. As you can see she ends up in all kinds of positions in the bed, everytime we peek at her her head is somewhere else.

Big Girl Bed!

Aye, aye, aye. My baby is growing up! (snif) Autumn figured out how to climb out of her crib so we put together her big girl bed. Autumn helped as you can see. She sleeps well in the bed and likes that she can get out and then come out and say "hi" after naps or in the morning. I have been leaving her door ajar during naps (well after she is good and asleep really) so when she wakes up she can come out. The grin on her face is huge. In the mornings if she gets up before we go in there you can hear little hands knocking to be let out. She even says "kok, kok, kok". she has fallen out a couple of times but there is a pillow on the floor and the bed is low to the ground so she doesn't even really wake up.