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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Renaissance Festival

Today we went to the Renaissance Festival. It is Pirate weekend this weekend and Autumn wore her pirate costume, she had a lot of fun and got a lot of compliments.
Let's be off me hearties

He's pretty good at that.

Pirates can belly dance too

Come on fella, you need to sit down a bit

Owls are very cool

She's really really big

Elephants are good pirate transportation

Snake or parrot.....hmmmmmm

This pirate needs some food

This way me hearties

A good pirate can entertain the crew


Monday, September 05, 2011

My Sunday

Here is a summary of yesterday:

Drag home from church because the coffee never did kick in. Make lunch for Autumn and then crash on a bed and attempt to take a nap. Autumn and Shadow are making lots of noise, ignore and try to sleep anyway. Kurt comes in and needs help getting a chicken bone from Shadow: forget nap, ain't gonna happen. Get bone away from dog and make myself lunch. Discover the dishwasher needs to be emptied, ignore it. 

Try to get a couple of things done on the computer, end up turning on a game for Autumn to play instead. Get Kurt to help Autumn so I can go start laundry. Get all the laundry downstairs and start to sort, can't find any laundry baskets. Go on a hunt and have to empty them of all the things that don't belong and put them all away. Back in the laundry room open the washer to put a load in only to discover there is already a load in there. Open the dryer to put wet sheets and only to discover there is a load in there as well. Apparently I actually started laundry yesterday! Fold dry sheets, put wet sheets in dryer, toss load of clothes in washer. Take hamper back upstairs with intention of setting timer to remind me to go check laundry. Get upstairs and have to take the dog outside, help Autumn with some thing or other, answer a question for it's supper time, so I start supper only to hear "i don't want that" "i don't like that" give up and make popcorn. Get Autumn in her pjs, read a couple of books, sit at the piano and play through a few tunes, take a shower and head to bed.....oh, wait.....there's wet laundry in the washer....fold dry sheets toss clothes in dryer head back upstairs. I think I want some ice cream, discover the dishwasher still needs to be emptied.......Throw up my hands and go to bed.

And yet at the end of the day, the spontaneous hugs, the singing shows on the deck, the "special rock just for you mommy" and snuggling at's totally worth it!

Definitely worth seeing the neighbors faces when your child is singing at the top of her lungs on the deck "every dinosaur poops"

Now what was I going to do yesterday? mend a costume for Autumn, work on some prep for school, go for a walk (by myself!) and play a game with Kurt and Autumn. :P Good thing today is a holiday!

Friday, September 02, 2011


Wednesday evening Autumn and I took Shadow for a walk. A half mile into our mile and a half walk we met Furry. Autumn decided he needed to come home with us so she carried him all the way home and then we put him on our tree in the front yard where he can have a new home.