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Thursday, October 25, 2007

1st Pumkin

Autumn had a good time helping her daddy gut the pumkin. She wanted to help carve it but as she's not allowed to play with sharp and pointy things she had to be content to watch and play in the guts.

We learned about soft and squishy and cold and slimey and yucky (the guts don't taste good if her spitting and expression were anything to go by). We learned about heavy and empty and orange and in/out and...

Nero is a fantastic supervisor. He makes sure that he supervises any major project that might impact his living space! (that includes weaving projects, he is not as helpful as he thinks he is when it comes to yarn based projects)

Kurt decided to try something different this year. In this picture Kurt is poking lots of holes so that he can start cutting the picture out. Doesn't it look neat? Autumn really likes looking at it and squeals a lot (might be that there is a kitty in her pumpkin).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Ice Cream

Kurt's cousin came over for supper Saturday evening (yes we had a busy weekend, birthday parties, ice cream making, and dinner at friends from church on Sunday).
Any way, Sandy are Marc are storing our ice cream maker for us and she brought it with the fixin's and we made strawberry cheesecake icecream. Next time we plan to do this in June right after we pick berries so we'll have fresh berries to put into the mix. But here are our pictures, Autumn was a big help. She made sure the ice went into the bucket (or into her mouth) and helped turn the crank. She had an ice cube in each hand and an ice chip in her mouth. She swallowed the chip and then began to shiver. It was kind of funny. We got her warmed up right quick though.

This is hard work, here let me see how the handle tastes.

Mommy, that ice is kind of cold, and it is a bit salty for my taste.
As you can see in the pictures near the top she is wearing her jacket. After swallowing the ice she got chilly.

Birthday Party

Autumn went to her second ever birthday party this past weekend. It was held at Chucky Cheese's and she had a great time. She was very taken with the mascot walking around and just stared and stared at him whenever she saw him. She played games with Daddy and there were even some things for kids just her size. She loved driving Stuart Little's car, in fact she spent most of her tokens on that ride. She also rode a horse around and around and around. I got a bit dizzy walking beside her.

I like to eat pizza crusts, they are so yummy!

Ok, you open the presents and I'll deal with the paper.

Mmmmm, this cake is yummy, I hope mine is as good.

Does anyone else see a really tall mouse? I sure hope so, he sure is strange looking.

This care is much more my size, this driving thing doesn't seem to be too difficult.

I wonder if horses go in any direction other than in a circle?

No, no Daddy, you need to push this button. Wait, I'll just get that for you.

Fall Fun

We went visiting our SD relatives. My brother and his SCA group were out chucking pumpkins at a poor unsuspecting outhouse, complete with inmate. They all had a great time, Kurt helped arm the trebuchet and Autumn watched and yelled with the crowd. When Autumn wasn't watching pumpkins fly through the air she and Grandma painted a picture.

Friday, October 12, 2007


They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. There was a woman with a face to launch 1000 ships. You can speak volumns without saying a word. Smiles are the language of love ~ David Hare. A smile is a window on your face to show your heart is at home ~ unknown. A smile is an umbrella on a rainy day ~ Lawrence Welk. So many languages in the world, a smile speaks them all ~ unknown. A smile is a laugh that bursts ~ Mary H. Waldrip
Ok, those are all I can think of. I'm sure that there are many many more.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bug Infestation

We have noticed a new breed of ladybug. It is rather large and can't be sucked up with the vaccum cleaner. It seems nice enough so we aren't sure just what to do with it. Any ideas? We thought about keeping it as a pet but after bringing Autumn home the cats just might mutiny.

Future Acrobat

Here is our acrobat or maybe a contortionist. They are the ones that fit their bodies into the most unlikely places right? This time she was chasing a cat and he went under the chair so Autumn did too.

Better Than A Dancing Hamster

You know those little hamster dolls that dance to some wild song when you press their toes? We don't have to press any little toes, cute as they may be, we just have to turn on some music, any music. Our cute little princess loves to dance, see for yourself...