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Thursday, October 25, 2007

1st Pumkin

Autumn had a good time helping her daddy gut the pumkin. She wanted to help carve it but as she's not allowed to play with sharp and pointy things she had to be content to watch and play in the guts.

We learned about soft and squishy and cold and slimey and yucky (the guts don't taste good if her spitting and expression were anything to go by). We learned about heavy and empty and orange and in/out and...

Nero is a fantastic supervisor. He makes sure that he supervises any major project that might impact his living space! (that includes weaving projects, he is not as helpful as he thinks he is when it comes to yarn based projects)

Kurt decided to try something different this year. In this picture Kurt is poking lots of holes so that he can start cutting the picture out. Doesn't it look neat? Autumn really likes looking at it and squeals a lot (might be that there is a kitty in her pumpkin).

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