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Monday, October 15, 2007

Birthday Party

Autumn went to her second ever birthday party this past weekend. It was held at Chucky Cheese's and she had a great time. She was very taken with the mascot walking around and just stared and stared at him whenever she saw him. She played games with Daddy and there were even some things for kids just her size. She loved driving Stuart Little's car, in fact she spent most of her tokens on that ride. She also rode a horse around and around and around. I got a bit dizzy walking beside her.

I like to eat pizza crusts, they are so yummy!

Ok, you open the presents and I'll deal with the paper.

Mmmmm, this cake is yummy, I hope mine is as good.

Does anyone else see a really tall mouse? I sure hope so, he sure is strange looking.

This care is much more my size, this driving thing doesn't seem to be too difficult.

I wonder if horses go in any direction other than in a circle?

No, no Daddy, you need to push this button. Wait, I'll just get that for you.

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