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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Ice Cream

Kurt's cousin came over for supper Saturday evening (yes we had a busy weekend, birthday parties, ice cream making, and dinner at friends from church on Sunday).
Any way, Sandy are Marc are storing our ice cream maker for us and she brought it with the fixin's and we made strawberry cheesecake icecream. Next time we plan to do this in June right after we pick berries so we'll have fresh berries to put into the mix. But here are our pictures, Autumn was a big help. She made sure the ice went into the bucket (or into her mouth) and helped turn the crank. She had an ice cube in each hand and an ice chip in her mouth. She swallowed the chip and then began to shiver. It was kind of funny. We got her warmed up right quick though.

This is hard work, here let me see how the handle tastes.

Mommy, that ice is kind of cold, and it is a bit salty for my taste.
As you can see in the pictures near the top she is wearing her jacket. After swallowing the ice she got chilly.

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