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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

M Go Blue!

We went to the Michigan-Minnesota game on Sat! My parents came up to go with us. Daddy likes the Huskers, Mom and I root for the Wolverines and Kurt goes for the Gophers. Kurt was out numbered. But we all had a great time. The Wolverines beat the Gophers 28-14! The Little Brown Jug went home where it belongs, YAY. We rode the train up and back and that was an adventure in itself as the ride up was rather like being a sardine in a can, the ride back was a little better and we got seats on that trip.

Mom and I decided that watching a football game live is more distracting than watching it on TV because there is so much going on that you lose sight of the ball and miss a play (usually a big and exciting one).

This last picture was taken before the stands started to really fill up. In our section there were about as many Michigan fans as there were Minnesota fans so there was always cheering and groaning going on at the same time.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Trip to the Zoo

We went to the zoo with our friends and their 2 boys. Kurt and the boys had a ball chasing each other, running down the paths. We all had fun seeing the animals, the boys showed us their favorite animals and we showed them our favorites. None of us had the same favorites. The tigers were out and about where we could see them and one of them put on a good show for us playing with some kind of something he'd found in his area. We saw moose, caribou, meerkats, wolves, prairie dogs, bison, camels, sharks, fish, turtles, a bear, a dragon (komodo), a huge snake that was looking at us through the glass, otters, birds and lots of other things. We all really enjoyed watching the baby Macaques running and playing. They picked on the adults a lot and the adults were very indulgent. A favorite trail at the zoo "The Minnesota Trail" is closed for the year for renovations so we didn't get to see any of the animals there. But we did get to see a new exhibit being constructed, there is going to be a Russian animal exhibit next summer and we are excited to see it.

Match Meeting

We are meeting with a birth parent today. We are so excited but also nervous and scared. I have no doubt that she is feeling the exact same way. It is an interesting experience being interviewed for parenting a child. What will she think of us as people, as a couple, as possible parents for her child? Will she wonder what we think of her? Of course she will. We know that just because we are meeting with a birth parent doesn't mean she will pick us but we hope that she does. She meets with more than one family so that she has some choices and that is a good thing. We hope and pray that she makes the best decision for herself and her child. We pray that this is the baby that God has planned for us but if it isn't that we are patient enough to wait for the baby that he does have for us. That is a hard prayer to say.

We have started collecting baby things and putting them in the room. We have been blessed in friends who have given us a few things to help us get started and we have been blessed by family who have offered there support as well. This baby, what ever baby, is going to be coming into a large family of family and friends who are so excited to welcome him or her. Well, pray for us and for the birth parent.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

School Started

Well, it's been a while. School started last week and life has been just this side of crazy since then. And it didn't just start for me, Kurt also started his course work. He is working on a B.S. in Business Management and Internet Technologies with an emphasis in Visual Communication. How's that for a mouth full?! He is doing the work through the University of Phoenix-online. And thankfully his work will pay for it. I guess he wanted to see how it went for me first and decided that it wasn't too bad. ;)

I started in a new district and apparently a brand spanking new program (at least half of my job is new). Half of my job is to go into preschool classrooms and work with kids who need a little extra support. The other half of my job will be in the birth-3 area which is a new area for me. I have to bone up on the laws and criteria for that age group. Then they tell me that sometime this year the laws will change so I figure that will happen about the time I figure out the current laws. :P

Here are a couple pictures of Kurt and me playing 'Glen Lake Croquet'. This is just a fun way to set up the course, we set it up in an obstacle course fashion, trying to make it as hard as possible of course.