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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

M Go Blue!

We went to the Michigan-Minnesota game on Sat! My parents came up to go with us. Daddy likes the Huskers, Mom and I root for the Wolverines and Kurt goes for the Gophers. Kurt was out numbered. But we all had a great time. The Wolverines beat the Gophers 28-14! The Little Brown Jug went home where it belongs, YAY. We rode the train up and back and that was an adventure in itself as the ride up was rather like being a sardine in a can, the ride back was a little better and we got seats on that trip.

Mom and I decided that watching a football game live is more distracting than watching it on TV because there is so much going on that you lose sight of the ball and miss a play (usually a big and exciting one).

This last picture was taken before the stands started to really fill up. In our section there were about as many Michigan fans as there were Minnesota fans so there was always cheering and groaning going on at the same time.

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