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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Match Meeting

We are meeting with a birth parent today. We are so excited but also nervous and scared. I have no doubt that she is feeling the exact same way. It is an interesting experience being interviewed for parenting a child. What will she think of us as people, as a couple, as possible parents for her child? Will she wonder what we think of her? Of course she will. We know that just because we are meeting with a birth parent doesn't mean she will pick us but we hope that she does. She meets with more than one family so that she has some choices and that is a good thing. We hope and pray that she makes the best decision for herself and her child. We pray that this is the baby that God has planned for us but if it isn't that we are patient enough to wait for the baby that he does have for us. That is a hard prayer to say.

We have started collecting baby things and putting them in the room. We have been blessed in friends who have given us a few things to help us get started and we have been blessed by family who have offered there support as well. This baby, what ever baby, is going to be coming into a large family of family and friends who are so excited to welcome him or her. Well, pray for us and for the birth parent.

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