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Monday, October 02, 2006

Pacifier Soup

We have been chosen to be the parents of a little girl who is due December 6th! We are floating up in the clouds. We chose the name Autumn Grace for her. We will get to bring her home from the hospital so we are getting a very new baby. We put up the bed this weekend. We are not going with the traditional crib but with a baby hammock. I researched it a lot before we decided but it should be a really good bed for her. If anyone wants to know more about it check out We are also collecting things from friends who have baby stuff sitting around. This weekend we went to Target and Babies "R" Us and started registeries. Know that they are not complete and I'm sure that any veteran parents out there will know exactly what we forgot to put on there when they look at it. We didn't put many mulitples of things on as we didn't know how many of things to add. We figured this would be more of a way to get started and ideas of things we want and need. So have fun with it. We only have 2 months to get everything ready and already we realize that we are going to be scrambling but it will be fun scrambling and we'll be smiling all the way.

Here is my pacifier soup. Doesn't it look yummy?

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