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Monday, April 16, 2007

Strange Sightings

Here are a few pictures of things we've seen on our travels. Sorry, no cute pictures of Autumn this time, they are still on the camera. But these are fun and wierd.

This barn used to smile at us everytime we went to South Dakota. Now we take a different road and he doesn't brighten our day anymore.

These guys are really neat and we found them when taking a back road between Hutchinson and Litchfield. They are made out of scrap metal and car parts and motorcycle parts and any other parts the guy could think of. Is this what awaits a retired farmer?

So if you make wierd creatures as a retired farmer, I guess when you retire from owning a bowling alley you re-decorate your house and yard.
More fun travel pictures later, when we find wierd and unusual things to photograph. With the travels this summer, there ought to be something out there...

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