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Friday, December 07, 2007

108th Was a Victory!!!

Navy beat Army 34-3 at the 108th meeting of these two amazing rivals. It was a bit sad for those Black Knight seniors but I was thrilled with the Midshimpen and their game. There were some amazing drives and recoveries, I was trying to watch the game and get ready for a 1st birthday party all at the same time. Not my first recommendation really. We are ahead but not by much. Actually we've been enjoying a winning streak since 2002, it's bound to end sometime, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. My best friend, however, is not. She's an Army brat but I don't hold that against her, and she doesn't hold my Navy brat status against me. It's a pleasant little stalemate we have going.

Here's some interesting history trivia:

A reputed incident between a Rear Admiral and a Brigadier General, which nearly led to a duel after the 1893 Navy victory, caused President Cleveland to call a Cabinet meeting in late February 1894. When the meeting ended, Secretary of the Navy Hillary A. Herbert, and Secretary of War, Daniel S. Lamont, issued general orders to their respective Academies stating that teams would be allowed to visit Annapolis and West Point to conduct football games, but the Army and Navy football teams were "prohibited in engaging in games elsewhere." The result was that the Army/Navy game was suspended for the next five years. The annual series would not resume until 1899, when it was played in a neutral locale, Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

No game was played between Army and Navy in 1909 when Army cancelled its entire schedule after the death of Cadet Eugene Byrne in the game against Harvard. Navy would also suffer the loss of a Midshipman during the 1909 season, when quarterback and all around athlete, Earl Wilson, sustained a broken neck in the contest with Villanova and died six months later

After the United States entered World War I, the War Department ordered the Army/Navy game suspended for the duration resulting in no games between the Academies in 1917 and 1918.

The final interruption of the series lasted for two seasons, when failure to reach an agreement on player eligibility for the 1928 and 1929 games forced their cancellation. An equitable agreement reached by the two institutions resumed play in 1930, and the annual contest has been uninterrupted since that date.

At the moment Navy is enjoying the longset winning streak on record, there have been a few 5 game streaks on both sides but neither has broken that until now.

Army-Navy Game Scores 1890-2007
Games played: 108 Army Wins: 49 Navy Wins: 52 Ties: 7

Go Navy! Beat Army!

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