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Monday, May 05, 2008

I Touched a Shark

Ok, it wasn't really a shark they were sleeping, Shhhhhh! But I touched a manta ray. They are soft and leathery. In the pictures you can see me playign in the water and when the ray swam by mommy's hair got in the way but you can see my hand. I giggled and splashed. I like going to see the fisssss.

Autumn had a blast at the aquarium, she did play lots in the water and everytime we saw a fish (which as you can imagine, was about every second or so) she would point and squeal and say "fisss" She loved the tunnel where you stand on a moving sidewalk and the fish swim over your head, I thought her head might fall off backwards.

See the octopus? I'm not scared, but it's WAY bigger than me! Shhhhh, I'm sneaking up from behind to tickle it!

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