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Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Autumn's fort, a great place for a snack!

As you can see I'm posting a lot today, I'm trying to play catch-up. What with recovering from surgery and trying to keep up with Autumn I've not had much time on my hands lately to post something here and there so you get it in clumps. My recovery is comeing along, I'm still sore but not as much and I'm still tired but I can make it through the day without desperately needing that mid-day nap. Now I just need it (without any adjective). I still can't wear 'normal' pants that zip and snap and button. I get along with overalls and lounge pants (at home) and nylon warm-up type pants. Autumn still likes to nap and play in the cat bed. Here she is in her 'boat'.

Autumn loves to play in this house. Putting mail through the mail slot is her new favorite thing. She is always asking me for more mail.

Autumn enjoys cooking on her new stove and washing her hands in the sink.

A pony ride with Daddy.

Wrestling with Daddy is a favorite past-time.

This is our new Wii. Kurt traded in his X-box 360 for this more family friendly console. I really enjoy it actually. We've bowled and played tennis. I can't really do the baseball and boxing yet due to my recent surgery but they look fun too. Autumn likes the golf and tennis. She hasn't seen the baseball and bowling yet.

See what we found at the store? Isn't is cute?

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