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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Autumn's Tummy

As most of you know, Autumn has had a long battle with constipation. We currently have her on a stool softener but are working to get her off of that. We have started a regime of pro-biotics with her and it seems to be working. I buy them on-line as that is where I've found them for the least amount of money. I use a site called where they have probiotics specifically developed for an infant's and toddler's tummy (I didn't find many places I could get this stuff for babies) as well as older children and adults. I received a coupon code from them to share with friend and family so here it is BAC992. This is for $5 off your 1st purchase from them. I used one I got from a friend for Autumn's first bottle of probiotics and now I got a code to share with you. So feel free to check out the site and get $5 off. It is good for a year from now. They have all kinds of vitamins and other good for you things on this site as well, Kurt and I will probably be getting all our vitamins from them from now on, the shipping is even cheap. Anyway, thought I'd share that information with you.

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