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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More Presents

Autumn has had birthday presents straggling in and she's enjoying the ability to spread this out as long as she can. She loves to rip the paper off of something and see what's inside it. Guess we'll not be putting all the presents under the tree until the last minute. I had to re-wrap a secret santa gift this morning before work because Autumn thought it was a present for her. And why wouldn't she think that, she sure got a lot of them lately, makes sense to a 2yr old brain. :) So she spent about an hour drawing on her new Aqua Doodle mat last night, having both mommy and daddy "sit pichuur" so we could watch her draw. And she loves to feed her baby monkey a bottle and then kiss it. This monkey makes little baby monkey noises and Autumn tries to imitate them. It's very cute. She has the baby monkey and all her baby dolls crammed into a little baby bed that my dad made. At least they'll all stay warm smushed together like that. :)

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