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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Few Summer Wanderings

This summer we've been visiting parks, hanging out with friends, going to the zoo, visiting the sharks and rays, and just being creative at home. as much as I'm missing my babies and am going to miss my home visiting job, I'm really enjoying the time I get to spend with Autumn. And she's been having lots of fun being silly with mommy all day long (hate to say it but my caffeine intake has increased since school finished) :)

looking at the chrysalises for all the butterflies, and some newly hatched butterflies as well

Autumn has the wingspan of a peregrine falcon

riding a wolf is lots of fun when you do it with friends

At church we've been having family bible night on Wednesdays. So far we've learned about David and Goliath (round and round and fall down!) We slung water balloons at our Goliath and the kids had a blast. We've also learned about the 10 plagues of Egypt and Pharaoh was being stubborn about letting God's people go. We acted out all the plagues and Autumn had a grand time being a frog and a dying cow. She had much fun saying "feeoh oh feeoh" to call the Pharaoh into a meeting with Moses.

Autumn and her friend went to the Children's Museum together one evening for a special member's only preview of a new exhibit. It was great because hardly anyone was there, they could do lots of things that the bigger kids tend to monopolize. This stage is one of them. There are monitors all over the room where kids can see themselves singing and dancing on TV. They had a blast and played here for at least 30 min!

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