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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adventures of the EpiPen

Well, Autumn has a food allergy, most probably eggs. What I've been reading is that many kids can have a food allergy but have different reactions. For instance, Autumn eats bread and cookies and cakes that have egg in them but has no reaction, but if she eats straight eggs, or eats the cookie or cake batter with raw eggs in them she will have an anaphylactic reaction! HOLY COW!!!! So now I carry 2 epipens around with me, one for my bee sting allergy and one for her egg allergy! ARUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, it's good to know about it and have a remedy to hand in case of emergencies. I hope and pray I never have to use it as it is not a pleasant thing to experience, either the shot or the medicine racing through your system. Then there's the ER trip. YeeHaw

I left a trainer pen with her day care provider so he could practice with it and learn how to use it, and also told him not to give her eggs or cookie dough. :P

Autumn's new doctor (whom she really really likes) told us about the food allergy network website and so I've been reading up on this. I had no idea that some kids could have a food allergy and be able to have a little bit of it each day and not react but if they eat more than allowed they have reactions. Then there are the kids who if they even smell it will have bad reactions! I know that with my Garlic allergy I've learned that different potencies affect me differently, the unfortunate thing is that Garlic isn't always listed, sometimes it's lumped in with "spices" or "natural flavorings" and then I have no idea how much or how little there is. Egg is another food that is in just about EVERYTHING. At least she can eat it cooked in noodles and breads and things. we'll just have to pray that it stays that way and that she grows out of this.
The other two good sites I've found in case you want more information or need it for your own family: and Not sure if we are going to enroll her in MedicAlert at this time. I am a member, it would certainly be a good idea, but it isn't free by any means. Well, we'll have to see......
On another note, if you've ever taught kids or watched kids who just seemed off, or you thought may have ADD/ADHD, or have other behavior problems, you chould check out this site, about half a day of my workshop on the brain was devoted to food allergies and behavior and learning problems, I was astounded. and

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