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Saturday, August 01, 2009

No Eggs

Autumn has been officially diagnosed with an egg allergy. Whites are the worst, we're talking anaphylactic shock, yolks are more the benedryl and wait and see level and coming up at a very mild last is milk. Well Yippee! The thing is that I've discovered a food allergy doesn't just mean "don't eat it". I've been doing a lot of reading and Autumn seems to fit into a convoluted category of allergy. For instance she eats bread and cookies and noodles (which all have eggs baked into them) but one lick of angel food cake batter and she's toast. She can have two glasses of milk a day but three sends her over the edge and her tummy has many many issues. Hmmmm........... So it seemes cooked eggs are ok, we haven't hit a level of ingestion that is bad so all is good, think I won't press my luck with scrambled eggs or quiche or deviled eggs though.

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