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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Memory Walk for Alzheimer's Association

These are the two sites I created as a team captain for the Memory Walk sponsored by the local Alzheimer's organization. I was asked by a friend who works there to start a team and agreed to do it. My grandmother suffered with this disease for many years before she finally found peace. It was hard for all of us to watch her slowly forget us and herself, it is a devastating illness for those who suffer with it and those who suffer with them. So I'm walking in memory of my grandmother and for our family.

Many of you may have received an e-mail from me regarding this (if I missed you I apologize), please consider donating to this cause or even joining my team. The walk is on Spet 26th in Bloomington MN and starts at 11:00am. You can walk any distance you are able, the course is 3 miles long.

To find out more about Alzheimer's in general you can check out the MN website

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