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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Play Date

A play date is the only kind of date Autumn is allowed to have at this point. :) She loves to play with her friends, this one in particular. Judah is the son of some friends of ours. When ever we mention Judah's name or she sees a picture of him she runs around saying "Dah?" and looking in corners and behind doors. It is so funny. And they are learning to share their toys although that is very very hard and many tears ensue. We talked about her birthday party and who to invite, have to remember not to talk about these things before the fact, she has no sense of time. When I told her at dinner the day before we were going to go play with Judah she went to the door and said "reayee" (ready). I said (trying to give her a time base) "first you have to brush your teeth and go night-night, then you have to wake up and eat cereal". Well she, in her infinite logic, ran up the stairs saying "teef, teef" and then started back down saying "cerea" (cereal). Now, how can you argue with that? I'm learning, I'm a little slow some days but I'm getting there. :)

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