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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Autumn in Autumn

We went to Osakis over the weekend, in between downpours we went out to play in the leaves. Yep, it was very wet, but as you probably know, that doesn't even slow Autumn down! She ran and ran and ran and then for a change jumped. She found a pile of leaves and had a ball in them. She splashed in lots of puddles, sat on grandpa's motorcycle and pushed buttons. Then he turned on the radio and she danced while sitting on the motorcycle, talented little girl that one. :) She looked at and tried to taste some bugs, ate a few leaves and some grass, dug in the mud and definately tried that. There was mud smeared on her face and I could hear her crunching on sand for about 2 hours afterwards, even with a few drinks of water. Autumn had a blast with "papa" and grandma, playing "ashe ashe" (or ring around the rosie). She had fun playing "boo" and ghosts and hide and seek. We need to work on the rules to that game, she hides and then she seeks you out. Of course at this point that means I just have to sit there and be surprised when she pops up and says "BOO!"

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