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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hand Crafted Beads

Here are a few beads I've created for Autumn, don't have a great picture of the snowman beads, she isn't the most motionless child I've ever seen. :)  I'm going to be making beads and selling them as part of our adoption fund-raising efforts. If you have something special you want please let me know. I'll post pictures as I make things and can certainly make more of anything I've already figured out. I believe Iron-Man is next on Autumn's agenda, Easter eggs are my next thought. I'm going to work on a tiger stripe something since she likes tigers. I figured I can do just about any animal stripe, I'm playing with the spotted animal prints. Most sports balls are completely do-able and pony beads are very easy.

Holidays are fun to try to work out, Autumn wanted Candy Canes. Well I could NOT figure out how to make those into beads, I was trying for a peppermint candy but didn't get it figured out, which is how we ended up with these pony beads instead. I think I have the swirled candy figured out now. Acorns for fall sound like fun and I'm going to give those a shot. It really is limited by imagination.

These are the snowmen that you can hardly see and I can't find the good picture I took. But she has 6 snowmen hanging from the top of her head and then the candy cane pony beads on the smaller box braids.

Use the "contact me" form on here to let me know what you want me to make. Prices will depend on what you want and how many of them. I will always let you know the price before I start.

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