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Friday, June 04, 2010

A Tale of Two Potties

We have worked on and off on potty training for a while now. Autumn would get excited about it and then quit. After about three rounds of this we backed off completely. We tried a little potty, potty seats, big potties. She'd go in public places (zoo, store, etc) but not at home, she'd go at home but not at daycare, she'd go at daycare but not at home. You get the picture. We started wearing panties on weekends and evenings (not daycare hours) and she's really excited to wear them. Then I found the golden ticket. I was at Unique (a thrift store) and found this "throne" for about $4. I've seen these things at craft fairs and antique stores for upwards of $50-$100!!!! I figured 4 dollars was a good deal. Autumn loves that she can have her magazines and her very own paper (TP). The first day I had this in the bathroom she sat on it for over half an hour! Now, she doesn't always want to sit on the potty but we are getting there, she really wants to wear those cute panties so I think we are finally READY!

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