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Friday, June 04, 2010

Other One Papa

We went to Kansas City over Memorial Weekend. There'll be other pictures posted in a bit but these deserved their own spot I thought. Autumn is totally in love with her Great Grandpa also known as her Other One Papa. I believe I'll be framing the one of them facing the camera!!!! We had a picnic at one of my aunt's houses and Autumn was just in awe of Grandpa's white hair. We visited his house on Sunday and went to church with him. He lives in a retirement village in Lee's Summit and the church is held in one of the buildings on that campus. It is filled with grandmas and grandpas and Autumn was in heaven. We've been there before and a few of the folks there remembered Autumn. It isn't very often that little ones attend their church.

Got some good snuggles in with Great Grandpa, he's a fabulous snuggler!

Autumn was showing Great Grandpa that she can now buckle her seat belt all by her self, all of the different buckles. (thank goodness she can't undo them herself yet!)

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