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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Dress

Here is the first new dress I made for Autumn, it's called a pillowcase dress and instead of making it out of a vintage pillowcase I made it out of some dinosaur fabric I found. She loves having a dinosaur dress. I also included a picture of the new Rexy. In a couple of the pictures you can see a fun hairstyle I tried out last Sunday, it's called Zulu Knots or sometimes called Bantu Knots. It was easy and quick and lots of fun. She got lots of compliments at church. Some kids can keep this style in for up to a week but with Autumn's hair type it didn't last overnight, even with her satin pillowcase. Her hair just isn't kinky enough to stay in a style like that. But that's ok, it was fun while it lasted. Her hair must be 6-8 inches long at a guess, I didn't measure it with a ruler but it reaches her shoulder blades in the back! If she wears it in an afro you can't tell, the curls just pull up tight. It's amazing. I really love playing with her hair, so it's a good thing that she likes having it done in fun and zany styles.


  1. Love the dress! AND that dinosaur is AWESOME! I bet Autumn loves it! You are getting so so so good with her hair styles! :0) Jada still doesn't sit still even long enough to comb through it, but I am able to get "princess" pony tails in. I still love the "natural" look, but I know Jada gets so hot! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  2. Oh my God- you're daughter is so freaking cute! And that dress... I love! Great job!