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Friday, October 09, 2009

Summer projects

This summer I got re-aquaited with my looms and my sewing machine. I made a couple of things for a friend of mine and then did a few things for myself and Autumn. I made a couple of dinosaur pillowcases for our little dinosaur princess, a couple of crayon rolls for Autumn and her friend for traveling, a few tea wallets for myself and for summer birthday gifts, and then i got my rigid heddle loom and my floor loom warped up. I only had a day a week to work on these things so they took a bit more time than they probably would have but still, I had a good time and am enjoying getting back into my hobbies. Here are a couple of pictures of my rigid heddle loom. My placemats turned into a sampler to try to get used to this new loom. Now I have a different warp on there, I'm making some spa type scrubby washcloths. When I get them finished and off the loom maybe I'll get a picture or two posted, assuming we have a new camera by then.

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