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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Falling Behind

(once again I put the pictures up here in reverse order, some day I'll get it figured out)

I have all these great intentions and then life intervenes. We've been pretty busy lately, I'm mostly recovered from my surgery which has made life much easier for Kurt. Autumn is busy being almost 3. She plays with her stuffed animals, creating many elaborate scenarios for them (at least they sound elaborate, she tends to talk in Autumnese for most of them). Sometimes Kurt and I get pulled into the play and sometimes she wants to play by herself. She has a whole family going: Rexy is the daddy, a tiger is the mommy, a leopard and two bears and an alpaca and a babydoll make up the kids. Her friend from next door moved away and she hasn't really met any other kids in the neighborhood to play with. It's hard to explain to a 2 year old why her friend isn't in her house anymore. Another of her friends will be moving away sooner or later and we'll have to do this again. I think it was easier to be the one who moved.

Autumn got to pick out a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch at our church. She wandered around for a while and then we found the one we wanted. I said she could have one as big as she could carry. Well, it's maybe a bit much for her to carry but I didn't specify how far she had to carry it.....

Autumn tried a few of the seeds, she decided she didn't want to wait till I baked them first.

Autumn was very interested in this process and got her hands a little messy but decided to let Daddy do most of the work. The last two years she had lots of fun getting very messy, I'm sure that we'll be back at that point soon enough. :)

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  1. OOOOHhhhh, Very cute pumpkin! You could cut and past your photos after they are posted to position them where you want them in the "html" format. But, they are fine the way they are. I know that you are probably digging deep for time just to get a blog up! :0) Hope you guys have a happy Halloween. Evergreen in Bloomington is having a Harvest Fest from 5-7 on Sat. the 31st. LSS is also planning a holiday party on Dec. 15. I will email you the info as soon as I get it!