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Friday, May 22, 2009

Quiet Time?

Most days Autumn takes an afternoon nap, of course there are days here and there that she won't sleep no matter what. Those days she knows that it's OK but she will still have to stay in her room and play quietly until Mommy or Daddy comes and gets her. She may not need a nap but Mommy certainly does!!!! One of those "I'm not sleepy days" I was lying on my bed reading a book and just plain relaxing while listening to Autumn's quiet chatter over the monitor. I love those times, she's so funny to listen to. Well what I heard was "I heping". That made me nervous so I thought I'd go peek. What I saw was Autumn sitting on the floor wiping at her dresser with a baby wipe and all around her was a pile of snowy white wipes. She'd completely emptied the brand new container! When she looked up and saw me she said "I ceening" (cleaning). I said "you sure are, can we please put some of these back in the box?" She helped do that and I put it up high, leaving a few of them for her to clean with and went back to my book.

Another of those times I heard "yucky". Buy the 5th repetition of this I went in to see what was yucky. Autumn was totally naked and holding her very full and very yucky diaper in her hands. So we cleaned her up and put the diaper in the trash and got her a new one and I went back to my weaving. This one happened frequently so now we are in the process of potty training! (stay tuned for more on that topic)

Here are a few random pictures for your enjoyment.

This is Autumn's new "ride". Her "cincess" scooter is a hit no matter how she rides it. Daddy and Mommy even get turns on it as she chases us down the sidewalk giggling and shrieking the whole way.

This is some quality Daddy and me time. And the cute dress that Favorite Aunt Jane made. (that would be my aunt
and her great aunt)

Quiet time in the window and play time in the "boat".

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  1. I can't figure out how to email you! I know I have it somewhere. . . The open house was an education seminar for people to just drop in and learn about open adoption, different adoption options, and meet people from all aspects of the triad. It does seem that LSS has not had as many events this year as they have had in the past. . . but I would still contact your social worker to be sure you are on the mailing list for future events. There is also the online board and they are on facebook now too--if you have a facebook! :0) We hope to meet you in person and if I hear of any events. . .I will for sure let you know--just in case!