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Sunday, April 15, 2012


We had a very good Easter, there were no ER trips and we got to spend some time with good friends who live in Kentucky but were in MN for the week. Autumn got her bunk bed (without the bottom bunk) and she's thrilled to be sleeping so high that she's "taller than Daddy". We colored eggs using a method I found on a blog I enjoy following. This woman has a son who is a year younger than Autumn but loves many of the same things. So we tried out their "volcano egg dying" technique. We made a paint out of baking soda and food coloring and painted the egg. Then we dropped a couple of food coloring drops on the egg and poured on the "magic potion" (white vinegar). Whala! Volcano egg dying. They turned out very cool.

 The best part of this experiment/egg coloring activity is that when we were done we dumped all the left over paint into the bowl and then poured in the vinegar. It was very very cool!

Autumn's new friend Bigsby

Bigsby is a Hallmark story buddy

Hunting dino eggs

They were hiding in very tricky places

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