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Monday, January 16, 2012


Christmas day was in interesting day to say the least. We all got up and Autumn was SO excited to get a trophy from Santa (her something shiny). Then she went through her stocking to find some very large chocolate coins wrapped in shiny gold foil. We at our traditional coffee cake and then opened presents. It was lots of fun, she was so excited not only to open her own presents but also to watch Kurt and me open ours. She totally gets the "giving spirit" part of this holiday. After that I took some things downstairs, tripped and broke my ankle. Oh happy day!
Muddy dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train (they get clean in warm water)

Aunt Jane (my sister not my aunt) has GREAT taste!

I see somping!!

Let's play your game Mommy

Or we could play my game

Look closely and you can see the break. I broke my navicular bone if you wanted to know :)

waiting in the ER room. Took 4 hours to get this far and another one to get seen and splinted!

(a week later) Autumn was in heaven when the nurse asked her to help put my cast on. She also picked the red color I now have.
She even signed it for me. After the first 'A' we decided she should probably write a little smaller.

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