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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Autumn's Story

Autumn has told me her story a few times now and the more she tells it the more it is the same each time so I thought I'd let you all read what she has been telling me     :)

Once in a time there was a little girl with a green cape, a cookie boy, and 3 little pigs. One day the little girl was going to her grandma’s house with soup cause she was sick and then Rexy knocked on the door of the 1st pigs house and said “little pig let me eat you” and the pig said “not by my hairy chin” and he jumped out the chimney and ran with the cookie boy to his brother’s house. Then  the spinosaurus ate the grandma and when the green girl came in she said “grandma what big eyes you have” and the spinosaurus said “the better to see you with” and the girl said “grandma what a big nose you have” and she said “so I can smell the soup”. Then Rexy knocked on the 2nd little pigs house and said “little pig let me eat you” and the pig said “not by my hairy chinny chin” and then Rexy roared and stomped the door down but the brothers ran through the window and went to their brother’s house made out of bricks. The cookie boy kept running saying “running running can’t catch me” and there was a cow and a duck and a dog and a old grandma and old grandpa chasing him. He runed and runed to a river where there was no boats. Then the little girl said “grandma what a big spine you have” and the spinosaurus said “so I can eat you up” and he gulped her right down to his tummy. She found her grandma in there and they jumped and yelled “HELLLLPP” till a tree man came and told the spinosaurus that he can’t eat people and he’d just have to throw them up. 

 so he did and the little green girl gave her grandma and the tree man the soup. Then the Teratops saw the cookie boy and said “I can help you get over the river” but the cookie boy said “nope you’ll eat me” and the teratops said “no I promise” and so the cookie boy jumped on the teratps’ back and the went into the water. The cookie boy said “I don’t want to go under” and the teratops said then jump on my frill so you are taller. The cookie boy did and then Rexy said to the little pig “little pig let me eat you” and the pigs said “not on our chinny hairs” and Rexy tried to stomp the house but the bricks was too strong. So he climbed in the chimney but the pigs were making soup in there  and he fall in and got burned so he jumped out the window and ran away. A End (wait what happened to the cookie?) Oh, the cookie jumped on the teratops frill and fell onto his horn where he was stuck.

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