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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Autumn's New Room

The switch took a few days. One night to move everything out of the downstairs room, one day to paint said room, one day for a friend to help move the heavy stuff up and down, one day to get the new spare room mostly set up. :)
A work in process...

Autumn has officially moved downstairs. She's been sleeping downstairs in the "guest room" for almost a month and a half and we finally got it painted the way she wanted and her things moved down. We can't put the dinosaurs on the walls yet because the paint has to cure. Who knew? (I sure didn't). So it's all done except for the decorating. Autumn picked the colors and the curtains. We were at Target one day and she picked the green curtains. They are almost a perfect match for the wall, I just need to hem them. :)
My New Room

See the Grandmas by my pillow?

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