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Friday, December 17, 2010

Snowbound Fun

During our blizzard we spent Saturday cuddling with a very sick little girl. On Sunday she was much better so we sat down and made some ornaments. A few we sent off and a couple we kept as family ornaments. I think we'll make this a yearly tradition. That ornament I'm holding is the snowman one (at the bottom) that we made with thumb prints. I painted Autumn's thumb and then guided her thumb to where we wanted it. So afterwards she wanted to paint my thumb and said "I have to help you mommy" so she'd paint and stamp and paint and stamp until we'd covered one of the ornaments, it's the white one below, turned out gorgeous! The gold one was an idea I saw somewhere and what we did was write our last name and the year around the top and then write fun activities or milestones from the past year on it.

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