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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Aftermath

To see these in any kind of chronological order you'll need to start from the bottom up, I never remember how these things post.

This is from the first big snow we had on the morning of Autumn's birthday party. Kurt shoveled half the drive way and then came inside to look at our savings and see what could be moved around to be able to buy a snow blower.

We got 22 inches of snow last Saturday, this is our front porch after the final clearing (of course today there are 4 more inches on it). Next is the results of the second plow pass, not quite as bad as the first. One of our neighbors helped Kurt clear that one out.

This is a different neighbor who came to help us with the initial clearing of the driveway. What you can see is about half the driveway after I shoveled to a level that Kurt could blow out. The neighbor worked for about half an hour before he was able to make that blower sized path through the berm.

Here are some of the drifts after the snow and wind finally subsided.

This is as far as I could open the front door.

Where is the fence?!

Autumn's climber. On Tuesday she got to stay home with Kurt (long story involving sub-zero temps and flat tires) so they went outside to play. Autumn had fun walking the drifts around the perimeter of the yard. Then she and Kurt climbed to the top of this thing and then jumped off, dived off, fell backwards off, and cannon balled off into the snow.

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