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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkins in the (h)air

I'm on a list for parents who are helping each other out with advice and "I'd never do this again's" and product reviews, etc for skin and hair care for kids with mixed or African heritage. A while ago someone posted pictures of some homemade beads. I recently attempted this myself and here is the result. I may never get these out of Autumn's hair! We were making bread this weekend. I ended up making 8 loaves. Each recipe made two loaves and I ended up making one twice since after we made the first batch Autumn decided that we had made them for her teachers at church. So.......They got some yummy pumpkin zucchini bread and so did we. We also made pumpkin banana and pumpkin cranberry breads. Do you sense a theme here? I have a pumpkin gingerbread loaf I want to try next. Autumn loves to help bake but she rarely eats her creations, even though I now use an egg replacer when doing all baking. She sure loves the dough though. However, breads are one thing she will bake and eat, so I'm stocking up!


  1. Hey, care to share how to make the pumpkin beads? I'd like to try them for my daughters. (btw, I am a rather new member of the group you were talking about but I don't know how to find the post about making the mickey mouse beads.)

  2. I used fimo clay. I found mine at Joann's. I've seen it at other craft stores too. I used a larger bead we already use as a size model. I made little balls and then made the hole with a straw from a "take n toss" cup, it was exactly the right size. I scored lines with a toothpick and then baked according to package directions. Then we drew the faces on afterwards. wonder if it would have worked to draw the faces first....