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Monday, October 04, 2010

And Awaaaaaay We Go!

Dear Friends and Family and any complete strangers who are reading this :)

Raise The Roof 1We are starting the process for another adoption. We are very excited, nervous, worried, scared, impatient,.....well any of those feelings you get when you find out you are pregnant. The differences being that we need to SAVE money and we have no idea of the timeline. Could be 2 years could be 3 months. We've started a change jar that every piece of loose change is going into. We've cut many things out of our daily lives in order to be able to save more. We bought a house in order to have more room to grow as a family (I know, not much on the saving end there). We are taking each step as our savings allows. When we get through the home study part then we can start applying for grants and looking for other sources of funding.
We are going to try our darnedest not to take out a loan. Initially we had talked about that possibility and even checked with the Dave Ramsey foundation to make sure that was OK -- we are taking the Financial Peace University course (where they tend to frown on adding to your debt rather than taking away from it) and were told that the plan we had in place to pay it all off was a good one so not something to shy away from.
But since we recently had to add to our debt due to repairs on the house..........we are trying to stay away from that possibility. Any mileage money I get will go into our fund, any bonuses we get will go into our fund, any birthday/Christmas money will go into our start to see the picture. We ask for your prayers that God provides what we need when we need it. We ask for prayers that God puts the people in our path who can help us reach this goal. And we ask for prayers that once again we are following God's plan and not our plan, patience and peace.

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