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Monday, April 26, 2010

More Dinos!

We went to the Children's Museum (again) to see the dinosaurs (again). They leave May 31 so we are going to have to go at least one more time. This time we went with some friends to meet Buddy. If you watch Dinosaur Train on PBS then you know who Buddy is. If not, check this out: Jim Henson created a huge hit in our house with this one. A T-Rex adopted by Pteranodons and they all ride the train all over the various Dinosaur ages. Can it get any better?!?!
Good thing I did Autumn's hair in her "princess hairstyle" (her name for it) so that you could see her in the crowd of kids who wanted to say hi to Buddy!

Face painting is always a hit when we go to the museum.

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