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Monday, April 05, 2010


Today is Autumn's Gotcha Day. Three years ago today we finalized her adoption, one of the best days our our lives. This evening we are going to celebrate by taking her and a couple of her friends to the Nickelodeon Universe park at the Mall. She's apparently an adrenalin junkie so this should be fun for her, her Godfather took her about a month or so ago and she LOVED it. Here are some pictures from Easter. It was such an unusually beautiful Easter Sunday that the Easter Bunny hid the eggs outside. Have to take advantage of that up here, it usually snows!

Autumn got a puppy in her Easter Basket, not a real one but it will do for now.

Our nut took the stickers for the eggs and found a "better" use for them!

Do it myself Daddy!

It's a cute egg

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